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Internet Explorer 11 now fails to allow JAVA to run under any condition.

We are looking for a solution till then you must use   CHROME, SAFARIE, or FIREFOX to view the webcams in JAVA view.

UPDATE 12/30/15 : This is no longer an issue as all streams now no longer use JAVA to view.


New Bug found in Viewing Webcams with INTERNET EXPLORER 11It seems IE 11 is blocking JAVA from running even if it is up to date


UPDATE 12/30/15 : This is no longer an issue as all streams now no longer use JAVA to view.


You will get a little X in the Live View when you have this problem.


From your MENU or if your menu is missing from the SETTINGS ICON on the Top Right SELECT COMPATABILITY VIEW SETTINGS, Add to the list and try again.

After you bring it up you will always have to ALLOW and TRUST the JAVA applet which is required to view many cameras.


If you are having trouble viewing our live images.


If you are having trouble viewing the website streams now, there may be some corruption to you browser.


First try to use other browser software.

Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Explorer, and so on.


Try resetting your browser to factory settings.


Look for Popup Blocks on your Browser and allow them.


In some cases I solved player problems by uninstalling software from the computer like, un-used anti virus, firewall software, google tools.  After that the browser function properly.


If you are on a mobile device and looking at the streams and they do not play.  Try to make the stream full screen first by clicking the lower right corner box on the live view player.  Then click the Play Icon in the middle of the view.


UPDATE 12/30/15 : This is no longer an issue as all streams now no longer use JAVA to view.


The number one reason views do not work is you do not have loaded on your system.

JAVA is required to view the images live, and is the number one reason the site fails.

JAVA allows you to view images in 3D, view streaming cameras, and more. It is an integral intranet applications and modern website solutions are programmed in JAVA. Without JAVA loaded on your computer you will not be able to view the live streaming cameras.

If you don't know if you have JAVA loaded TEST FOR JAVA

When loading JAVA and any free internet tool or program, be aware of the extra stuff and option out of free toolbars and such.


Camera View Buttons

Each camera has four links under the current view if it is a live streaming camera location. SMALL, LARGE, TIME LAPSE, WEATHER.

If the camera is TIME LAPSE only becuase of poor internet, the view loaded it the last view loaded to the server. To check if that view is current click the TIME LAPSE button and if images load, then the view is current.

Each camera will send up a current view Still Frame shot on a time interval.
Each camera will save a current view on a time interval for TIME LAPS function.
We have added new features to the Live Stream Viewing this year.  A DVR function on all live streams.
You can slide the Time bar to look up to 3 hours back.
You can start and stop the stream now using the Play and Stop button on the Live View Control Panel.
Currently you will have to use a Screen Capture tool to capture the current view, we are working on some kind of download, because it’s a video stream it difficult to pull that off.
If you click the bottom right live view square it will go to full screen stream.
Jackson Hole Wyoming Cameras and Colorado Cameras use a different streaming technology, so there may be some difference in function.

SMALL - Small view has a fast refresh rate but smaller resolution view.
LARGE - Largest view has a slower refresh rate with larger resolution view.
TIME LAPSE - By Default the last 24 hours will load in a time lapse view.
TIME LAPSE has Options top right button to adjust the date ranges.
WEATHER - A link to local weather at the camera location.



Currently Time Laps only works on Colorado Cameras, we are getting a solution for Wyoming cameras soon.

The TIME LAPSE system will load a date range into memory and play a movie of the time period.
The last 24 hours of view will be loaded by default at startup.
Look for the OPTIONS button on the top right to view other date ranges.
The lower control buttons will control the speed and stop or start the view.
Also you can change the direction of play, and move frame by frame.
The upper right has a button for options to load different date ranges.


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